The New York Times

“The Long Journey of the Aleppo Pepper”

Wall Street Journal, Dec 2016
“Visiting the farmers and suppliers he works with is important…”

O Magazine – July 2011
The couple opened Spice Station in 2009 […] “It exploded within weeks,” says Tawse.

The Atlantic, October 2010
“…a well-curated line-up of rare spices sourced from around the world…”

Hour Community, July 2011
“To walk into Peter Bahlawanian’s Spice Station is to tread across the globe.”

Food Republic, August 16, 2001
“This time around, the spice expert digs deep in the cupboards to bring out 5 exotic spices worth hunting for…”

Food Republic, August 8, 2001
“Bahlawanian [gives] Food Republic a list of his 5 most essential spices…”

Sweet Life, July 2011
“Variety might be the spice of life, but a variety of spices never hurt, either.”

Urbrefurb, March 2011
“The Spice Station in Silver Lake has everything but the kitchen you need to cook in.”

Marcos eating a ghost pepper from Spice Station
“The hottest pepper known to man!”

Get Out! 21 – The Spice Station
Shown on Santa Monica CityTV

Food and Wine – May 2010
“An amazing array of 170 herbs and spices, including sassafras leaves for anyone who wants to make root beer.”

Tasting Table Los Angeles – December 23, 2009
“…the spices are always fresh.”

Apartment Therapy Kitchen – December 18, 2009
“The actual shop is modestly-sized but rich with inviting colors and culinary possibilities.”

LA Times Daily Dish – December 23, 2009
“…exotic spices, hand selected by the owners from the far-flung corners of the world.”

Brand X – January 7, 2010
“{The owners} have been flat-out busy since their recent opening party. It’s easy to see why…”

LA Weekly – April 15, 2010
“The new spice store […] displays rare salts and custom curry blends as if they were exquisite jewels.”

NYT – Edible Silverlake / Foraging for Lunch – March 22, 2010
“The shop […] feels like an old-school apothecary…”

Food GPS – December 7, 2010
“The entire store is constructed from reclaimed wood, and the displays are former pallets.”

Modern Luxury – January 11, 2010
“filled [..] floor to ceiling with impossibly fresh and fragrant spices shipped direct from almost every continent…”

Haute Living Magazine – January 13, 2010
“Spice Station, in Silver Lake, will inspire a whole new world for your taste buds…”

Eat Drink and Be Merry – March 22, 2010
“If you’re into spices, then this would be considered nirvana.”

We Heart This – April 16, 2010
“Anyone can become a better cook using these high-quality, bursting-with-flavor spices and herbs.”

Chocolate Things – January 13, 2010
“Worth a visit for any self-respecting cook.”

Take Sunset – January 8, 2010
“Prices at the Spice Station are surprisingly reasonable, and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable.”

Eastsider – December 19, 2010
“Peruvian pink sea salt? Yes, and 100 other salts, spices & herbs…”

Adam Helm’s Food – May 4, 2010
“…you will be delighted to visit the Spice Station on a regular basis.”

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